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Safe Zone

Driven by core industry experience, Noor Al Hilal has developed intoa leading supplierof Oilfield chemicals in the MENA region.

Driven by core industry experience, Noor Al Hilal has developed into a leading supplier of Oilfield chemicals in the MENA region.

Our expertise and world class infrastructure allow us to offer unique services and value proposition to our clients. We are a reliable source for oilfield chemicals that comply with international quality standards. The products that we regularly supply to our customers are not limited to but include the following

Health And Safety

Safe Zone Health and Safety, a subsidiary of Noor Al Hilal, offers a comprehensive range of personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect personnel against all types of hazards at the work place. Our products comply with the highest standards of quality in material and workmanship, meeting every safety requirement of our customers.

Safe Zone’s product portfolio includes the most recognized brands in the industry, allowing flexibility and choice for our customers. Safe Zone also works closely with customers to provide a wide range of bespoke product and service solutions designed to meet every industry requirement. Safe Zone also assists customers in implementing comprehensive health and safety programs to improve corporate image and employee comfort.

Safe Zone provides its services in a fully integrated one-stop-shop environment for all work wear and PPE requirements, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers and costs associated with fragmented supply chains. 

Safe Zone services also include direct shipping of products to key customers on a quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis, avoiding some of the overhead costs. All this is done from a most developed multinational supply platform, creating cross-border benefits for our customers in an increasingly international business environment. We employ integrated technology solutions to streamline supply transactions, driving out costs from business process.

Inspection services

Our inspectors are ASNTLEVEL II & III Certified Professionals. Moreover, our reporting systems are fully computerized. All our inspectors are equipped with personal Laptops and digital Cameras, which will help them, develop fast and accurate reports. All MPI report will be with digital pictures of equipment, with clear marking in inspected areas. Safe-Zone inspection task shall be handled professionally by our experienced staff giving utmost importance to quality and HSE philosophies.

  • OCTG Inspection & BHA Tools Inspection & MUD Motor Inspection

    OCTG Inspection & BHA Tools Inspection & MUD Motor Inspection

  • Drilling Rig Inspection & Certification

    Drilling Rig Inspection & Certification

  • Load Test & Rigging Gear Inspection, Crane Inspection

    Load Test & Rigging Gear Inspection, Crane Inspection

  • Oil Field Services Equipment & Tools Inspection

    Oil Field Services Equipment & Tools Inspection

Calibration Servicesnullnull

Calibration Services

Pressure calibration is the comparison of the output of a device used to measure pressure with that of another pressure measurement device, or pressure measurement standard.
This usually involves plumbing the device under test (DUT) to the standard device and generating a common pressure in the measurement circuit. The outputs of the devices are compared at one or more pressures, typically from the lowest to highest readings of the DUT’s full scale range, or the range for which it is normally used. This comparison process is performed in a chain from the highest level of fundamental pressure realization, down to every day pressure measurement devices, to ensure
pressure measurements are accurate and comply with accepted or mandated standards.

Maintenance & Repairnullnull

Maintenance & Repair

• Hydraulic pumps and motors
• Control valves
• All type of hydraulic cylinders
• Pneumatic cylinders
• Power packs and jacks

Hose Crimping at site  & Mobile workshopnullnull

Hose Crimping at site & Mobile workshop

• Hydraulic hose & fitting
• Oil & Chemical Hoses & fitting
• Cementing Hoses & fitting
• High pressure hoses & fitting



Safe Zone provides solutions for oil field business by creating shortcuts & availability of all types of consumables that the industry needs within short period of time and in an efficient cost. The company managed to build extensive stock of different brands for consumables needed by the oil field customers. Starting from stationary items, valves, gaskets, fittings, reaching to all types of tools and electrical items. Commercially Safe Zone set many options to their clients depending on size of business and needs that includes PO based supply reaching to having shop-in-shop model inside client base.

Fabrication & equipment refurbishmentnullnull

Fabrication & equipment refurbishment

The 6G pipe weld is one of the most difficult weld certification tests to pass because the pipe is at a 45-degree angle and immovable. Welders performing the 6Gcertification test must weld in all positions including horizontal, vertical and overhead, and may have to weld both righthanded and left-handed. Dimension check via EMI or Dual Function Electromagnetic interference (EMI), also called radio-frequency interference (RFI) when in the radio frequency spectrum, is a disturbance generated by an external source that affects an electrical circuit by electromagnetic induction, electrostatic coupling, or conduction. Shoulder prefacing drill pipe seals (field repair)
Shoulder prefacing drill pipe seals (field repair) and apply copper sulphate.

Fabrication & equipment refurbishment

In addition our services including provisions of blasting crew
and equipment’s. Handling and hoisting all blasting

Tools, welded structures and all surfaces which require surface paint removal by providing one

Blaster, Compressor, blasting pot as well as hood all
accessories including safety equipment.

Refurbish of oilfield equipment including

Refurbish of oilfield equipment including

• Cementing units
• Coiled Tubing
• Frac tanks
• Slick line unit
• Wirelines unit
• Trucks
• Flow back unit
• WHM unit